Who We Are

For all of us, at Meatington, Food is an Emotion! Roasted chicken is just a name, but Tandoori chicken is an emotion, sauté is a word, but tawa fry is an emotion, minced meat is just a name but Seekh Kebab is a soul stirring emotion.

Brother & sister team Ashutosh and Neeta Malik along bring all these emotions to every Palette. With our range of Cook & Eat, Heat & Eat, easy to store, and long shelf-life products, we are incorporating tasteful recipes.

With attention to quality and detail, our highly trained professional team brings you instant vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs and raw meats from our state-of-the-art kitchen.

As a Pan India Licensed, ISO 22000 & Halal certified organisation, we use the best quality of raw products sourced from certified resources, where all meats are checked for health and hygiene by Veterinary Doctors and are certified hormone free. We use an incredible mix of pure spices brought in from all over the world for our recipes. Our kitchen is equipped with the sophisticated modern machinery, allowing us to create our delicious food in the most hygienic conditions.

We constantly strive to give you a tasteful experience where you can Savour the Flavour with good food for every mood. Our kebabs bring memories from the past and our flavours invoke loyalty. Once you have tasted a Meatington or Grab a green kebab your search for good kebabs ends here.
Our products are not only unique in their recipes but are laboratory certified for their nutritional value. In non-vegetarian delicacies , they range from the classic Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebabs to the delicious Galouti Kebabs. In the vegetarian range our Broccoli Corn Kebab, the unmatchable Dahi ke kebab and Akhrot ke Kebabs are just some of the specialities. Our specialist team of chefs are constantly creating new products.

Meet The Founders

Ashutosh Malik

A computer engineer by education, Ashutosh has a sharp understanding of technology and excellent hospitality skills from having run multiple businesses in the service industry for over 30 years. He is a foodie by nature and very excited to be able to combine his passion for engineering with his passion for food.

Neeta Malik

Neeta is a natural entrepreneur. She has over 40 years of experience in creating and running successful businesses. She founded Heirlooms, a high-end textiles company which has won several awards for their performance in exports of silk products. For the last many years, she, along with Ashutosh, has been running Destinations Unlimited, a luxury travel business. Good food being an essential part of a successful travel experience, they are no strangers to delighting their clients with delicious food!
Brother-Sister Duo Ashutosh and Neeta Malik have teamed up to share their passion for good food with you!