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Want to buy delicious frozen food online?

Meatington presents to you the best range of vegetarian & non-vegetarian frozen food snacks in Delhi- NCR. We have been working with the best clients in the industry and so, here's a list of some of our Stockists- Retail stores in Delhi NCR near you

Retail Stores to order from

Meatington is proud to offer 100% hygienic and delicious ready-to-eat frozen foods. Currently, our products are available for delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, and we have established partnerships with renowned retail stores across Delhi NCR, such as Modern Bazaar, Needs Super Mart, and Sodhi's Supermart.

At these grocery stores, you can find all our bestselling vegetarian and non-vegetarian frozen snacks. Whether you prefer ordering online at www.meatington.com or visiting the nearest frozen food retailer in Delhi, we've got you covered.

Meatington, in collaboration with our vegetarian brand Grab a Green, is your ultimate destination for satisfying your snacking cravings. Our extensive range includes favorites like Dahi ke Kebab, Mozzarella Bombs, Chicken Seekh Kebab, and much more. From product development to packaging, we prioritize customer preferences, ensuring you can effortlessly create mouth-watering meals whenever you desire.

As an ISO and FSSAI Certified company, Meatington guarantees the highest quality packaged foods with significant nutritional value. With our team of skilled professionals, we've earned a reputable name in the FMCG Industry. We are committed to delivering premium ready-to-eat snacks directly to your doorstep.Simply reach out to us if you wish to purchase frozen food online, and we'll be at your service.

Our goal is to cater to every palate, which is why we've partnered with multiple retail stores near you. Whether it's Modern Bazaar outlets across Delhi NCR or Gobbly refrigerators in Gurgaon, accessing Meatington products has never been more convenient.

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