Looking for Delicious Frozen Food? Look No Further!

Looking for Delicious Frozen Food? Look No Further!

Wish to level up your everyday snack routine? Indulge in the balance of taste and heritage at the same time! Gather around with loved ones and treat yourselves to delicious frozen food. With Meatington’s Frozen Food and Raw Meats, you can enjoy every moment yet bring a nuanced offerings to the table that will delight all, from children to elders! Right from the very beginning, we have been inspired by those days of yore when families would get together to spend time over delicious food – which is why we offer a wide variety of options that satisfy all palates and age groups! Founded by brother-sister duo Ashutosh & Neeta Malik, Meatington has been made even more attractive and authentic with Chef Sachin Sahgal’s own recipes, carefully curated over the years. The triad, therefore, has years’ of expertise and share a common passion – which is why our core offering right from the beginning is so diverse! Under Frozen Food, we offer a wide range of options – Heat & Eat, Cook & Eat, Grab A Green, and Raw Meats. The main motive behind this is to offer snacks for all age groups! . Have a gathering at home? Try the Heat & Eat range! Love making your own recipes from scratch? Try out our Raw Meats! Each category has its own speciality – but our USP cannot be denied – Frozen Food Made Delicious! When paired with high safety and hygiene standards, eating delicious now has a new funda altogether – fuss-free indulgence.

Heat & Eat

At Meatington, tawa fry is an emotion – and perhaps nothing can embody it better than our Heat & Eat offerings! Featuring options from veg and non-veg, the Heat & Eat range is meant for a delightful experience right from the get-go. The motto behind Heat & Eat is simple: inspired by India’s rich culinary heritage and contemporary tastes; our aim is to offer a range that makes even the simplest of meals into hearty ones! Choose from our much-loved dishes such as Chicken Malai Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Dal Makhani and experimental offerings such as Peri Peri Chicken and Chicken Herb Breast! Whether you choose to host friends over drinks, or make your Sunday lunch even more enjoyable, the beauty of Heat & Eat lies in the swiftness with which these dishes can be prepared – we recommend from pan to plate in 7 minutes! With a short cooking time, even late-night snacking can be made more delicious – now doesn’t that sound like the perfect weekend plan?

Cook & Eat

Planning a feast or even treating yourself? You’ve come to the right place! With our Cook & Eat range, featuring chicken, seafood, mutton, veggies, whipping up a fun feast is easier than ever. All you have to do is – get the pan sizzling, and your favourites will be ready in no time at all! Perfect for parties – or when you just want to make ghar ka khaana a little bit more exciting. Choose from kid-friendly options like Fish Fingers,Chicken Nuggets and Mozzarella Bombs while the adults can enjoy classics like Prawns Marinated in Basil Chilly, Akhrot Ke Kebab, and Crunchy Mutton Patty. Pair it with a spicy green chutney or an experimental jalapeno mayonnaise for a bit of a kick! Tell us in the comments: what are your favourite condiments for Indian food?

Raw Meats

Your kitchen, your stage! Is there anything more thrilling than experimenting with food? If you’d prefer giving it a go yourself, and creating your own legacy recipes, we offer hormone-free Raw Meats! Choose from various cuts of Chicken and Mutton, and see how the simplest things elevate your food. For instance, did you know adding Mutton Soup Bones to your broth will enhance its flavour and bring out that much-loved umami? From start to finish, the entire process is monitored for hygiene and health. Certified by Veterinarians, and prepared in our pan-India licensed ISO 22000 kitchen, you can choose from a variety of cuts that will help bring your vision to life. Whether you want to recreate your grandmother’s recipe for which the Mutton Raan Curry Cut would be perfect, or try your hand at a healthy weeknight dinner with Chicken Breast, we’re sure the high quality meat offered by us will ensure the result is delectable and will leave everyone asking for more!

Grab A Green

At Meatington, we’re all about feasting – and if you prefer being a vegetarian, or would like to add more to your festive table, we’ve got you covered! Once again, Chef Sachin Sahgal has worked his magic to create some timeless favourites that can be whipped up at a moment’s notice. Perfect for friends,family, children and elders, the Grab A Green offering covers both Heat & Eat and Cook & Eat varieties. Under Heat & Eat, why not opt for a hearty meal of Dal Makhani and Paneer Tikka while the Cook & Eat is what you need when you’re planning a party – Veg Patty, Broccoli Corn Kebab, Bhutte Ke Kebab, Hare Bhare Kebab, and Risotto Balls – a palate that is loved by all! Under the expertise of Chef Sachin Sahgal, Ashutosh, and Neeta Malik, our aim here at Meatington is to offer you an incomparable experience. Whether you would like to enjoy Meatington’s frozen food when friends are over, or make your weeknight dinners a little bit more enjoyable – rest assured that each one of them have been made with a lot of love and a whole lot of precision! We’re based in Gurgaon and have our own pan-India licensed ISO 22000 Halal-certified kitchen! We work with veterinarians to ensure hormone-free food, and consider these processes as a non-negotiable part of Meatington! Started because of a love for well-made food – these are the ideas that actually transform the food that’s served to you. We’re available in the Delhi NCR Region and can deliver in 3 hours’ time! Pick your favorites from our website, our app or visit your nearest supermarket to get your hands on these delicious snacks. Do share where you live in the comments and we’ll guide you accordingly! P.S. We’re offering a flat 10% off on orders above INR 500. Just use the code “MT10” and enjoy the flavours with Meatington!

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