Behind The Scenes at Meatington: Frozen Food Done Right!

Behind The Scenes at Meatington: Frozen Food Done Right!

Nostalgia, heritage, homecoming food is powerful enough to make us feel like we belong. At Meatington, that core idea of food as emotion forms the heart of our frozen food brand and helps us connect with the ones we love. While often considered to be unhealthy, we're here to debunk any myths you may have about frozen food and how we, at Meatington, approach it differently!

This very thought of excellence has pushed us, Neeta, Ashutosh, and Sachin, to create Meatington where decadent favourites from the Indian subcontinent are celebrated through the language of frozen food! Brother and sister duo Ashutosh and Neeta Malik have always been food enthusiasts, and when they met Chef Sachin Sahgal, a unity in thought emerged. Ashutosh is a computer engineer by profession, while Neeta is a natural entrepreneur.

This is why Meatington exemplifies the values of our founders so well culinary expertise, enthusiasm, technology, and understanding the client! At the very heart of it, Meatington is an ode to our past, and India's rich culinary heritage and meant for those who are elevating the everyday.

Now delivering across Delhi NCR, indulgence guaranteed by Meatington is only a convenient 3 hours away. Imagination in the zone - that's exactly what prompted us to begin Meatington. We have been searching for excellent food that makes us remember the days gone by and this has been the creative start for Chef Sachin Sahgal, himself. With an authoritative 20 years' experience, he has created delightful frozen food recipes for the Meatington client, delicious, well-researched and empowered through history. His expert approach has ensured that we offer a variety of ways to enjoy Meatington Ready to Eat recipes.

We're based in Delhi NCR, the heart of India, where multiple cultures and cuisines have converged and creating something so unique, so wonderful, so heartwarming.

Are you ready to discover the different ways in which Meatington can transform your life?!

Heat & Eat With Meatington

Designed to deliver the taste of India, our Heat & Eat frozen food range is perfect for those on the go! While you're busy with your schedule, our exclusive recipes made by Chef Sachin Sahgal will remind you of your childhood home and of your grandmothers' cooking, which is truly beyond compare. Featuring a variety of Indian and international favourites, these are meant to ease your worries whether it's to think about how to spice up your normal food or when you have last-minute guests over! From classics like Seekh Kebabs and Tikkas to delicacies like Dal Makhani and Galouti Kebabs, the Heat & Eat options in our frozen food range ensures you are served a feast every single time. Experience the richness of Indian cuisine with our frozen food and ready to eat snacks!

Cook & Eat With Meatington

Good food is always a cause for celebration! Whether you're alone or with company, our Cook & Eat range gives you the option to choose from delectable ready-to-eat snacks like Fish Amritsari, Prawns Marinated with Basil Chilly, Broccoli Corn Kebab, Akhrot Ke Kebab and many more! Once you've tried any of these, you'll understand why it's such a party. We've dreamed up these recipes to ignite that excitement only the inner child would have. Whether you have a farmhouse or an apartment, whether you love entertaining or flying solo; we have the ultimate binge-worthy menu ready for you, right here.

Raw Meats With Meatington

Are you a home chef who loves experimenting in the kitchen and creating your own recipes? Then our Raw Meats are just perfect for you the best way to conduct your own Masterclass: India! Our kitchen is pan-India ISO 22000- and Halal-certified where we work with Veterinarians to guarantee health and hygiene. Buying raw meats online has never been this easy our hormone-free raw meats are delivered across Delhi NCR in three hours flat. Whether you're cooking Indian or international cuisine, showcasing your imagination in such an indulgent way will ensure your guests will want to come back for more! Choose from raw chicken or mutton, with a variety of cuts, from Curry Cut to Boneless to even Soup Bones! Looking for inspiration on what to cook next? Reach out to us via the Comments section!

Grab A Green With Meatington

Is any feast complete without hearty and healthy Vegetarian options?! Our Grab A Green range has both Heat & Eat and Cook & Eat frozen snacks that will transform your menu in a jiffy. Meant for all ages from kids (indulge them with the cheat sheet of Mozzarella Bombs and Risotto Bombs!) to adults who will absolutely love the melt-in-the-mouth Kebabs, our Grab A Green frozen food range is all about indulgence with a side of nostalgia.

Specialities of Meatington

At Meatington, our aim is to deliver ready to eat food in Delhi NCR yet, with a difference. This is why, we introduce seasonal limited-time additions such as our handmade and Frozen Chicken Malai Tikka - Meatington heart made Gajar Ka Halwa just what the doctor ordered to round off such a decadent meal!

The beauty of Meatington frozen food lies in the fact that it's easy, economical, and efficient. Every pack comes with its own instructions to optimize the cooking process and it takes as little as 7 minutes to get hot and piping food that reminds you of home. As simple as 1-2-3-Heat!

Whether you're a homemaker, a young student or a busy workaholic, scrimping on quality frozen food in Delhi NCR will never be the case when you order from us. Our process is simple keep it hygienic, keep it healthy, keep it homely yet high tech! Cooking is easy and straightforward all you need are the basics at home and you can impress your guests, your kids, and even yourself every single time. Here's what our client, Tara, had to say… "It's so easy to cook frozen food, yet Meatington is not bland or boring! I am able to treat my kids and also make the elders happy… and it's quick and healthy! I tried it out for a party I was hosting, but decided to keep Meatington's frozen food at my home ever since then. Love the range and its packaging too! I will recommend the Chicken Stuffed Tangri, Crumb-Fried Fish and Mutton Galouti. Kiddos loved the Risotto Balls."

Wondering how to order? We're available on our website and app, along with Modern Bazaar stores, Sodhi's supermarket, and several stores across the city. You can also order through our app Haven't we said it's all about convenience?! PS Don't forget to use promo code 'MT10' to get a 10% discount on all orders above Rs.500.

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