5 Styles of Chicken to Elevate Your Menu!

5 Styles of Chicken to Elevate Your Menu!

When it comes to the amazing versatility that Chicken in its different avatars offers us, we're often euphoric about how we can enjoy it! From raw meat to a range of Cook & Eat and Heat & Eat delicacies, Meatington always promises to deliver excellence in whatever form you most enjoy! This is why we just had to include Chicken as a core offering when we first launched our menu. Presenting Meatington's guide on how to elevate your Chicken dish from good to GREAT! Inspired by our conversations on food and how it's the greatest connector with the founders, Ashutosh, Neeta, and Chef Sachin Sahgal, each recipe at Meatington has been chosen with a lot of love and care. We're sure you will enjoy exploring with us! P.S Check out what happens behind the scenes at Meatington? At Meatington, food is an emotion and when we pair it with a bit of nostalgia and a dash of experimentation, it makes every occasion special! From Chicken Biryani to Chicken Seekh Kebab to even Herbed Chicken Breast featuring Indian and International cuisine, the following styles of chicken have been chosen to match every palate. When it comes to bringing these dishes to life, we are the masters; don't forget we deliver across Delhi NCR in just 3 hours! While a lot of our recipes featuring Heat & Eat and Cook & Eat have been created by renowned Chef Sachin Sahgal, we've also been mindful to offer certified-safe raw meat that give you the chance to explore your own creativity to the maximum! Moreover, we have offered different cuts, depending on the cuisine such as Chicken Curry Cut, Chicken Keema, Chicken Thigh & Breast Boneless, Chicken Tangri, Chicken Wings, and even Chicken Soup Bones.

#1 Heat & Eat : Peri Peri Chicken Wings

Who doesn't love Chicken Wings?! A favourite across ages, this one is a crowd-pleaser and a must-have for all your parties. Beautifully spiced, these exotic Chicken wings pair well with a drink or two and are mild enough that children will also enjoy them. Inspired by the South African spice, Peri Peri has become a much-loved flavour in India. By elevating the Chicken Wings with this topping, we at Meatington aim to bring a sense of memorability to the evening. Pair the Chicken Wings with a creamy sauce such as Ranch or Nacho Cheese, and you'll have an indulgent meal like no other after all, can there be a substitute for spice and cheese? Whether you opt for the Heat & Eat version crafted by Chef Sachin Sahgal or experiment with our Raw Chicken Wings that have been verified by veterinarians, we're sure you will enjoy the process of cooking with Meatington!

#2 Raw Meat : Chicken Keema

Comfort in a bowl that's Chicken Keema for you! Whether you like it with a bit of a kick, or prefer it subtly spiced, the raw meat Chicken Keema makes workday cooking an absolute breeze! Paired with roti, it's the perfect healthy yet tasty lunch and with schools reopening, we're sure your little ones will definitely enjoy opening their lunch boxes to discover this inside! Moreover, the Chicken Keema can be cooked the way you would like to based on which region you're from! Why not add curry leaves if you're looking for a Kerala-style Chicken Keema or chillies if you're looking for a Maharashtrian touch to your chicken? The possibilities are endless. What's your go-to recipe for Chicken Keema? Do share yours in the comments section. We would love to know!

#3 Cook & Eat : Chicken Nuggets

Who can go wrong with an order of Chicken Nuggets!? Whether you pair it with an ice-cold Coke, or a chilled Beer, it's the ultimate comfort food that captivates people across all age groups. Cooking the Chicken Nuggets is very easy whether you choose to deep-fry, shallow-fry, or air-fry it, we've included the instructions to bring this classic to life. Simply ensure you've ordered enough for every gathering we've seen it get over within minutes! Chicken nuggets are so good that even a simple ketchup pairing will suffice- now isn't that just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing day indeed?

#4 Raw Meat: Chicken Biryani with Chicken

Rich, rooted and fragrant can any dish ever compete with that feeling of home that Chicken Biryani evokes? The beauty of Biryani is in its diversity every region has its own speciality, and Biryani is a resourceful way to showcase that speciality. For most of our clients at Meatington, the beautifully spiced and flavoured Chicken Biryani, inspired by Chef Sachin Sahgal's notes, is just the way to go! We cook this with our raw Chicken Chicken Curry Cut pieces that absorbs flavour in a jiffy and just melts in the mouth. We always prefer cooking our biryani on low heat for a couple of hours, after marinating the chicken curry cut for atleast an hour. Served with raita and papad, this is just the perfect Sunday lunch we look forward to every single week. It's a great bonding experience too when family members come together and eat a home-cooked gourmet meal! If you'd like Chef Sahgal's secret recipe, just comment in the section below and we'll get in touch with you.

#4 Raw Meat: Chicken Biryani with Chicken Curry Cut

There's something so exciting about Indo-Chinese cuisine, isn't there? It is deeply nostalgic, yet extremely experimental The best part of using raw meat is that you can make chilli chicken with your own tadka and spices! The Chilli Chicken is an everlasting classic, and can be enjoyed dry or with gravy. Incredibly versatile, it is a timeless option that can be cooked and enjoyed at home in a safe and hygienic environment! After all, our kitchen is pan-India certified and we work with veterinarians to ensure that our meat is hormone-free. If you're a chinese food lover, pair the Chilli Chicken with some noodles to make a complete meal out of it. You may even serve it as an appetizer when friends are over;Paired with drinks, it's Saturday in a perfect snapshot. Order From Meatington Now! Inspired by all the options we've shared today? Try these recipes and go head over heels with these flavourable products by Meatington. We would love to know your go to Chicken style for this weekend? Wondering how to order? We're available on our website and app, along with Modern Bazaar stores, Needs supermarkets, Sodhi's supermarket, and several stores across Delhi NCR. You can also order through our android or IOS app and get fast & hassle free delivery at your doorstep. Haven't we said it's all about your convenience?! PS Don't forget to use promo code'HOLI20' to get a 20% discount on all orders above Rs.500.

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