Cricket & Kebabs: Lajawab!

Cricket & Kebabs: Lajawab!

Love to host people at home but don’t want to miss a single 6? Meatington’s Frozen Food has you covered at the pitch! Announcing the Ultimate Meatington League with Frozen Food! With a distinct Meatington touch, our League is all about indulgence and sharing! Not only can you offer a variety of delicious veg & non-veg snacks to your guests. Moreover, you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it all. Now, isn’t that a win-win situation? Wondering How to Participate? It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Keep Meatington’s Frozen Foods ready. Wait for a cue (all mentioned below!) Celebrate! For this, of course, we are relying on our stock of Meatington’s Frozen Foods! With proprietary recipes created by Chef Sachin Sahgal, and prepared in our safe & hygienic ISO 22000-certified kitchen, each one of Meatington’s frozen food balances taste and safety beautifully. Try it yourself to experience how!

1. First Five Overs: Hoping for a Great Start!

For the first 5 overs, when it’s all about that anticipation and hope, why not serve something that allows you to share your excitement with your friends? We love the Chicken Malai Tikka, part of our Heat and Eat range. Designed to go from pan to plate in just 7 minutes, the elegant flavours and timeless quality of the Tikka will ensure that everyone will want to gather around the table while the teams work their magic! Succulent and freshly made in-house, from start to finish, this is a recipe much-loved by all ages and is absolutely a favourite! Serve it with two types of mint coriander chutneys; mild and spicy, to appease palates across preferences!

2. First Six of the Match

Anytime a 6 is hit, pop a Chicken Popcorn (if they haven’t been devoured before!). So easy to Cook and Eat, these addictive pieces of heaven are just right for a celebratory win. We love sitting back with a bowl of these and just enjoying the moment while sharing is appreciated, we aren’t sure if it’s possible just take a bite and you’ll know why. Incredibly easy to serve, these are great to cook even if you’re a novice all you have to do is: add some oil, and toss these in. Yes, it’s as easy as Rishabh Pant hitting his sixes!

3. Century! Century!

Is there anything more decadent than sharing a platter of Mozzarella Veggie Bombs when your team hits the first hundred runs? Celebratory, and just a little bit indulgent, this is a moment to proclaim your joy and maybe even lord it over your friends! After all, all’s fair in love and cricket. Just get to cooking them around the 90th run… and they’ll be ready for you to celebrate that century. We’re sure that your favourite player would join in if he could! How will you enjoy Meatington’s Frozen Foods as the evening proceeds? Just heat & eat!

4.Snacks Break? Join the Cricketers!

As the innings comes to an end, we’re sure you’ll want to cheer for the capable team, indeed! Why not bond over Mutton Seekh Kebab and Fish Amritsari as you wait for the interval to get over? While it might run for 10 minutes, you’ll be able to whip these up in a jiffy, just in time to settle in and enjoy the second innings! Richly flavoured, these kebabs come with their heritage, as each of the team comes with their own history! Together, the legacies being created on a day-to-day basis is one of excellence and expertise. Especially, if you’re hosting friends cheering for the opposition, this is a great time to unwind and enjoy over a shared platter featuring Indian and international cuisine. First 10 overs… and the excitement is now palpable! We suggest keeping a platter ready as the nail-biting frenzy comes to a head. Here’s how we enjoy our time by ordering snacks by Meatington!

5. Eye Out For The Wicket!

Every time there’s a Clean-Bowled Wicket, we take a bite of the Chicken Sausages. Succulent and tender, there’s something so heartwarming about this simple dish yet it’s all in the preparation! Made in-house and monitored by our certified partner veterinarians, the chicken is of elevated quality all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy as Anrich Nortje makes his mark. For every Run-Out masterminded by Pant (and every jump of joy that accompanies it), we love a good Paneer Tikka! Distinctive with its flavouring, this all-time classic is one that all enjoy whether winning or losing. That moment of joy is incomparable, isn’t it? For every Catch, we love the Crunchy Mutton Patty the crunch is incredibly satisfying maybe even as satisfying as David Warner getting the team closer to victory? Akhrot Ke Kebab : MeatingtonAnd, coming to the Grand Hattrick, of course only a trio of our Mutton, Chicken, and Fish options can suffice with a side of Grab A Green for a little bit of extra luck! We’ve got our eyes on the Chicken Stuffed Tangri, and Crumb-Fried Fish, as well as the delectable Akhrot Ke Kebab! The last over calls for preparation for victory… Prepare multiple dishes and elevate your Chicken dish from good to GREAT in just a few minutes. Which Meatington Frozen Food will you choose ? Let us know in the comments below! Savouring victory is never sweeter than with Meatington as the day’s play comes to an end, as teams celebrate and weep, there’s something so child-like about that camaraderie that makes us all equal and one. Take it forward with a simple meal comprising favourites such as Dal Makhani and Laccha Paratha. Gather around to pay homage to what matters the game… and also your loved ones!

End of Day Play: Who knew Frozen Food could be so delicious?

30+ veg & non-veg snacks and so much more can be available at your fingertips! Head over to for an array of options to tantalise all taste-buds and all age groups! With hyper-local delivery across Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, along with our presence in key supermarkets, planning for the next match has never been easier! P.S. We’re offering a very special match-based discount for those shopping from our website and app. Just use the code “MATCH20” to stock up for all matches right up to May! Free Delivery on all orders above Rs.799/-

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