Revolutionising the Frozen Food Industry

Revolutionising the Frozen Food Industry

The three musketeers Sachin Sahgal, Ashutosh Malik, and Neeta Malik ventured out into the Frozen Food Industry during the lockdown; they noticed a lack of authenticity, quality, and reliability in the Frozen Food industry, and wondered, “What can we do about it?” Each yielding a set of skills honed carefully for years; our founders have made their mark in the industry with a delicately curated menu of frozen food that caters to every pallette. Since its inception, Meatington has focused on a delightful mix of traditional spices and recipes fused with sophisticated modern machinery. Let’s take a look inside the town of Meatington and get to know more! When did you get interested in food and how did that translate into your career as a chef?

When did you get interested in food and how did that translate into your career as a chef?, Chef Sachin Sahgal (CSS): My interest and experimentation when it comes to food started during my school days. I recall putting together different types of snacks for me and my siblings. My talent was discovered only when my parents noticed the depleting groceries Receiving encouragement from my parents was all the push I needed to pursue my talent as a career prospect. When I started presenting my dishes, the polished plates and content smiles fueled my passion enough to land me where I am today. It feels great to have achieved my dream of becoming a celebrity chef and I am proud of myself. What motivated you to start Meatington?

Neeta Malik (NM): Food has always brought excitement to all. Being in an Indian home we have always discussed what we would eat for the next meal. We found that during the lockdown, people were cooking more food held the spotlight since families were spending more time together. People were looking for easy options that were delicious and nutritious. Meatington was created keeping in mind the difficulties of sourcing good and tasty food on a day-to-day basis. Meatington is an experience, where you can store several delicious options in your freezer and create a luxurious experience on your table for every meal! What was it like working with Chef Sachin Sahgal? Ashutosh Malik & NM: It is great fun he is innovative and passionate about creating new recipes which make our products even more special and filled with love. His sense of humour keeps the entire office entertained and brings out the creative instinct in all. What do you think is your signature dish at Meatington? What is your personal favorite?

CSS: Our signature and unique dishes are Chicken Seekh Kebab in the non-vegetarian range and Dahi ke Kebab in the vegetarian range. All the products have been curated having their uniqueness. However, If I’m to share the all-time favourite dish that I relish the most, it has to be Peri-Peri Chicken Wings! There is a myth that surrounds the market of frozen and ready-to-eat food about preservatives and the like, and how do you plan on beating that challenge? CSS: As you mentioned it is a myth that frozen food only has preservatives. On the contrary, I would say it’s the right technique, food knowledge, and education about frozen food which needs to be spread in the market. In earlier days our elders/grandparents also used preservatives to store pickles and Chutney. The interesting part is that these preservatives could be salt, sugar, oil, etc… We use these ingredients as preservatives for our vegetarian products and for non-vegetarian products. We use “Ascorbic Acid”, or Vitamin C, which is used primarily as an antioxidant, which can provide multiple benefits to food products. It slows down the oxidation and preserves the colour and freshness of the prepared food. The low pH of ascorbic acid can help prevent microbial growth, thereby preventing spoilage and preserving the freshness of food. Could you elaborate on the USP of Meatington and its retail and marketing strategy?

NM: The USP of Meatington is that we focus on bringing easy to cook snacks that are tasty, nutritious and for every age group. The children love it, the young devour it and the elderly relish it. It is easy to cook and serve; our heat and eat range makes it simple for people living independently to have tasty and healthy meals all day. We have one of the largest ranges of SKUs for every palette. Different products can be served for each meal, starting with chicken sausages for breakfast, Dal Makhani for lunch and Dahi ke kebab for tea, Chicken / Mutton Seekh or Broccoli corn Kebab for a snack and Chicken Tikka for dinner. The packaging enhances the product with its Zip Locked reusable pouch where you can store our products for up to twelve months. We are placing our product in multiple retail stores like Modern Bazaar, Needs, Sodhi’s to name a few chains, and General trading stores in North, East, West & South Delhi, Noida, and Faridabad. Our aim is to make it available to consumers as far as possible, starting with Delhi NCR. Three mantras/habits for a successful venture in the food industry?

Ashutosh Malik: F- Food Quality I- Innovation T- Technology These are the 3 major principles that I believe in and can never compromise with. In the food industry, it is very important to be innovative with the recipes & updated with the latest technology to be successful. However, unlike other frozen food companies, Meatington is focused on providing premium quality frozen snacks using the highest technologies that make it stand out from the crowd. How do you think the market for ready-to-eat and frozen foods will evolve as people turn more towards fresh and eco-friendly options? Ashutosh Malik: The market growth of frozen food worldwide and especially in India is going to be exponential. The market needs to be educated about the benefits of frozen foods. Frozen food made in factories like ours retains all nutritional values and flavors. In fact, it is more hygienic and healthier than food made in many restaurants! What is your vision for the brand, and where do you want to see this 5 years from now? NM, CSS & Ashutosh Malik: We intend to bring Meatington to every kitchen around the world! You are the three partners in Meatington, what are the advantages or disadvantages of being a partnership-driven firm?

NM: We are a great team and work very well together. We encourage a happy and productive atmosphere with our staff and through our separate roles, we bring balanced professionalism to the organization. Sachin is the product expert with his expertise in food science and innovative recipes, and Ashutosh is the finance and operations expert, a computer science engineer, he brings systems into production and logistics, and I look after marketing and strategy with my 40+ years of experience in running successful businesses. With the same goal to bring Meatington to every household, I believe our goals remain more aligned and we can work in harmony and give out the best results. Lessons you have learned in your entrepreneurial journey that you would like to share with budding entrepreneurs? NM: I was once told in my younger days “ You never learn from another’s experience, you learn from your own mistakes.” So go ahead and take the risks and make the mistakes. You will be wiser for it. Our co-founders have often mentioned that Meatington is intertwined with an array of emotions which began at home and hearth. Revolutionizing the Frozen Food Industry, Chef Sahgal, Ashutosh and Neeta have brought the taste of tandoors and tawas into our homes and onto our plates!

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