Top 5 Chicken Recipes To Make Your Guests Go Gaga!

Top 5 Chicken Recipes To Make Your Guests Go Gaga!

Top 5 Chicken Recipes To Make Your Guests Go Gaga! Leave a Comment / By meatingtonblog / 06/07/2022 Who can forget that first melt-in-the-mouth moment when you’ve had a bite? Who can forget the memories created over food shared – and often fought over? We strongly believe the bonds at a gathering are the ones that last a lifetime; which is why we’ve come up with 5 easy Chicken Recipes so that you can enjoy your party, guilt-free! We know that looking for recipes that are suitable for such parties can be a task or two. Scavenging through the internet is nobody’s favourite task right before you have a party to host. So we are here to save some time and help you keep a stress-free cooking environment in the kitchen! How? you may ask Meatington 7-Minute Pan To Plate Chicken Recipes will ensure a hassle-free experience that can elevate any party. DISCLAIMER: THESE CHICKEN RECIPES CAN BE IRRESISTIBLE TO FOOD LOVERS! Even though our dishes by themselves are a classic, we know that the sign of a successful party is the fun and innovative finger food! So here are some ways to make our delicious and lip-smacking frozen food even better. We Introduce – Top 5 Chicken Recipes with Meatington!


We all have had delicious variants of Chicken Tikka everywhere we go, but as we know, Meatington has a secret chicken tikka recipe that takes this dish to another level! The flavourful well-spiced marinade and the luscious chicken combine to make the most exquisite Chicken Tikka one has experienced. What’s more? This ambrosian-quality chicken can be ready within 7 minutes. Yummy Chicken Tikka without slaving away in the kitchen? Sounds like heaven! Now it’s time to make this into a party dish. Let’s make a Chicken Tikka Sandwich!



You will need:

1.Chicken Tikka by Meatington

2.Slices of fresh bread



5.Black Pepper


What to do?

1.Shred the cooked Chicken Tikka into bite-sized chunks.

2.Lather the slices of bread in mayonnaise.

3.Add a lettuce leaf to the piece of bread.

4.Gently place the shredded Chicken Tikka on top of the lettuce.

5.Place another slice of bread.

6.There you have it! A tasty masaledaar Chicken Tikka Sandwich.


Skillfully seasoned Chicken Herb Breast that is both juicy and has an authentic flavour to it…, ounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what you get at Meatington. Packed with flavour and protein, this is the best snack to have at your party if there’s a fitness enthusiast on the guestlist! Let’s make some Meatington Chicken Herb Breast Loaded Nachos!

You will need:

1.Chicken Herb Breast by Meatington

2.Baked Nachos



5.Monterey Jack Cheese

What to do?

1.Chop the cooked Chicken Herb Breast into bite-sized pieces.

2.Place the nachos in a wide-mouth bowl.

3.Add the pieces of the cooked Chicken Herb Breast

 4.Drizzle it with gracious dollops of salsa and guacamole.

5.Sprinkle a handful of cheese on top.

6.Voilà! Our Chicken Herb Breast Nachos are ready! PS: You can use flavoured nachos of your choice to give the dish a personal touch!


Tender, juicy and well-seasoned; our Chicken Malai Seekh has won the hearts of children and adults alike! This dish is a great palate cleanser after an array of strong flavours. What can make this better you ask? Something that adds a sliver of joy to everyone’s life – Cheese! It’s decided that Chicken Malai Seekh is a family favourite…but let’s elevate it! Let’s make Chicken Malai Seekh and Fondue!

You will need:

1.Chicken Malai Seekh from Meatington

2.A Fondue Pot


4.Gouda/Fontina/Gruyère Cheese

6.Charred/Sautèed Bell Peppers, Onions

What to do?

1.Chop the Chicken Malai Seekh into bite-sized pieces.

2.Melt the cheese in the Fondue Pot.

3.Add a piece of each on a skewer – a bell pepper, an onion and a piece of the cooked Chicken Malai Seekh.

4.Place these skewers on a tray and keep the Fondue Pot in the middle of the table.

5.Having a Fondue Pot is always a buzzing topic at a party – it is a full-proof way to capture everyone’s attention!


A luscious, zesty delight! That’s how people have described Meatington’s Chicken Achari Seekh. This dish is a must-have at your parties. However, let’s put a twist on this delicious dish… Imagine, the succulent and zingy flavours of this dish, as a filling for a soft fresh roll sounds like a dream! Let’s turn our non-veg Seekh Achari by making a Chicken Seekh Achari Roll!




You will need:

1.Chicken Achari Seekh from Meatington

2.Freshly Baked Bread Roll

3.Shredded Lettuce

4.Green Chutney

5.Lime Juice


What to do?

1.Take a bread roll and slice it to make a pocket for the Seekh.

2.Cut the onion into thin slices.

3.Add a piece of the cooked Chicken Achari Seekh into the bread roll.

4.Add the green chutney, a few drops of lime juice and a few slices of the onions on top of the Chicken Achari Seekh.

5.There we have it, a luscious and zesty Chicken Achari Seekh Roll! P.S. Be ready in seconds!


Let’s be honest – no one can resist a Chicken Nugget despite being well into adulthood! However, sprucing up this well-loved dish for a party with finer tastes sounds like a delight. So we are here to teach you how to be obsessed with Chicken Nuggets as an adult… Let’s make some Sliders! You will need: 1.Chicken Nuggets from Meatington 2.Slider buns/Mini buns 3.Tandoori Mayo 4.Lettuce 5.Tomato 6.Onion

What to do?

1. Cut the slider bun/mini bun into halves.

2. Cut the Tomatoes and Onions into thin slices.

3. Tear the lettuce leaves into small pieces to fit the slider.

4. Place a piece of the lettuce leaf on the lower half of the slider.

5. Place a cooked Chicken Nugget on the piece of lettuce.

6. Add the slices of tomatoes and onions to the chicken nugget.

7. Lather the top half of the bun with tandoori mayo and finish assembling the slider.

8. Now that we have delicious Sliders ready to go, we think you are all set for hosting a party! We’d love to hear your thoughts – and even recipes – so do tag us @meatington on Instagram! With these 5 Chicken Recipes in your arsenal, we ensure you that you can tackle any event that you might come across.

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