Kid-Friendly Recipes Your ‘Lil One Will Love!

Kid-Friendly Recipes Your ‘Lil One Will Love!

As parents, we often wonder, what can make our child’s day at school even better? The synonymous answer that arises is a delicious yet healthy lunch box! Some of the fondest memories we have made in school were during recess. The excitement of chit-chatting over a box of shared tiffins has remained undefeated. The lunch we pack for our children has the power to make or break their day at school – of course, it needs to be healthy, but kids will always want something tasty! How do we balance it out? The main challenge remains in making sure that the kids finish up their food. And that is exactly why as parents, we try our best to pack a quick and perfect kid-friendly lunch that is yummy as well as healthy at the crack of dawn every day! However, in the hustle and bustle of our school mornings, we often find that we have exhausted the number of ways nutritious food can be fun for our children. That is why Meatington is here to save the day – in a timely manner, of course! Try out some kid-friendly recipes for Tiny Tots!


No one can guarantee that our children will sit down under the shade of a tree quietly and have their lunch before they run off to play with their friends during the lunch break. Nor do we want to take away the novelty of sprinting around on fresh grass after years of online lessons. Let’s make sure that we give our kids a lunch that they cannot resist and also can grab and go! Meatington is here to help you make the perfect school lunch for your little ones. Let’s make some Mutton Seekh Roll! You will need: 1.Mutton Seekh Kebab by Meatington 2.Leftover Paratha 3.Green Chutney 4.Sliced Onions 5.Lemon Juice What to do? 1.Cook the Mutton Seekh Kebab according to the instructions on the packaging. 2.Add a dollop of green chutney to your leftover Paratha and spread it around evenly. 3.Add a piece of Mutton Seekh Kebab to your Paratha. 4.Add the sliced onions. 5.Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the Kebab. 6.Roll up the Paratha and secure it with a toothpick. There you have it! A fun, yummy playground-friendly lunch option by Meatington.


Getting children to try new flavours is a task and two! The last resort we’re pushed towards is hiding these ingredients in dishes they know and trust. Meatington has taken a lesson from the old parenting technique and created a fun and delicious recipe that is the perfect recess recipe! Come make a Mushroom Galouti Burger with Meatington. The mouth-watering umami flavours in a much-loved avatar will keep your kids coming back for more! You will need: 1.Mushroom Galouti by Meatington 2.Burger Buns 3.Butter 4.Mayonnaise 5.Lettuce 6.Tomatoes 7.Onions What to do? 1.Cook the Mushroom Galouti according to the instructions. 2.Butter and toast the burger buns. 3.Chop your veggies. 4.Spread mayonnaise on a burger bun. 5.Add a bed of all the vegetables. 6.Place the Mushroom Galouti on the veggies and top it with another bun. 7.Simple, tasty and fun!


Packing in nutrients for a child’s lunch can be tricky sometimes. Feeding them nourishing food is, however, a must. To feed a child, we must think as a child! What is a dish you would wolf down without any hesitation? But, of course, the answer is simple. A Sandwich! Sneaking in some much-needed protein into a sandwich is an old parenting trick that we are going to upcycle today! Let’s make a Chicken Herb Breast Sandwich! You will need: 1.Chicken Herb Breast by Meatington 2.Slices of Bread 3.Green Chutney 4.Mayonnaise 5.Onion 6.Tomato 7.Cucumber What to do? 1.Cook the Chicken Herb Breast according to the instructions. 2.Shred the Chicken Herb Breast. 3.Spread a dollop of Green Chutney and Mayonnaise on a slice of bread. 4.Top it with sliced onions, tomatoes and cucumber. 5.Add the other slice to close the Sandwich. And Voilà! We have a delicious Chicken Herb Breast Sandwich for a very exciting recess. PS: You can use Brown Bread or even Multigrain Bread for this sandwich to make it even healthier!


Being a parent is a full-time job that includes incorporating healthy foods into your little one’s regular diet. But there is only so much you can do with their favourites every day… We have got the perfect solution for you! Creating a sense of novelty around foods that children are hesitant to try makes trying these dishes a fun activity. One such dish is a Salad. Agreed? Meatington has tried to add a few new flavours to this boring ordeal! Adding a source of protein is a yummy twist to this dish! Let’s make Prawns Marinated with Basil Chilly Salad! You will need: 1.Prawns Marinated with Basil Chilly by Meatington 2.Romaine Lettuce 3.Cherry Tomato 4.Avocado 5.Olive Oil 6.Balsamic Vinegar What to do? 1.Cook the Prawns Marinated with Basil Chilly according to the instructions. 2.Tear the Romaine Lettuce into bite-size pieces and put it into a wide-mouth bowl. 3.Chop and add the Cherry Tomatoes as well as the Avocado to the bowl. 4.Add the Prawns Marinated with Basil Chilly to the bowl. 5.Drizzle Olive Oil generously and add a few drops of Balsamic Vinegar. And there you have it. A fresh, protein-rich salad for your little ones. Watch them come back for a second serving!


There’s never a ‘right time’ to introduce your children to the varied cuisines in the world. Expanding their palettes should be encouraged from a young age as food is the glue that holds us all together! To do just that, let’s make a creamy and delicious Mediterranean dish… Falafel & Hummus! You will need: 1.Falafel by Meatington 2.Hummus 3.Olive Oil 4.Carrots 5.Cucumber What to do? 1.Cook the Falafel according to the instructions. 2.Plate the Hummus with a drizzle of olive oil on top. 3.Slice the Carrot and Cucumber into vertical slices and serve with the Falafel and Hummus. 4.Your Mediterranean Delight is ready to be devoured! With these recipes, we guarantee you a delightful recess for your children! We’d love to hear your thoughts – and even recipes – so do tag us @meatington on Instagram!

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